Message for the Greeks of Diaspora

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It is our common belief that the enormous potential of the Greek diaspora can contribute constructively to the recovery of our national dignity. We are well aware that the development of these capabilities requires a central planning that requires honest communication between us.

We also know, that the Greek governments of the last decades have made you suspicious with their selfish attempts to affiliate with you. They systematically ignored the capabilities of the Greek Nation and they disproved the vital relationship of the Greek residents abroad with our Homeland.

ELEFTHERI PATRIDA aspires to lead the effort of revitalizing our sacred ties with the aim of preserving our national beliefs and serving our common interests, from the position of power that our organized National orientation offers.
Our strategy includes the exploitation of the real national capabilities of the Greeks of diaspora. We believe that the reaction against the attempt of the extinction of our Nation, must be common. It is a long struggle with obvious difficulties, and that is why we stand for a spotless personal example, political seriousness and a strong belief in the versatile potential of Greeks as well as the power of the Hellenic Nation when it fights its enemies united and determined.

Our message is the UNION of the Greeks at home and abroad, the emergence of our common origin and history, the Greek Orthodox culture and our multilevel common interests, centered on Greece. This is a message that we should all support and spread.

We are appealing to the millions of the Greeks of Diaspora who feel proud of their national origins. We are appealing to our brothers who refuse to accept the modern occupation of our Homeland and the multilateral mutilation of the Greek nation. We are appealing to all those seeking a political formation, determined to fight for the rebirth of our Homeland and our Nation.

ELEFTHERI PATRIDA, which maintains strong ties with the Greeks of Diaspora, develops communication channels for the joint reaction.

Contact us! Resist the defeatism and our collective weakening! We all have to defend our National Dignity!

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